twitter / 11.14.2019

They’ve pushed hard this year to monetize the base with reoccurring payments—the long term strategy might involve scaling back and concentrating on that core demographic. I’d be interested in seeing the company OKRs.

twitter / 11.14.2019

FWIW I’ve used 1Password since the beginning and recently upgraded my sub. I also manage Apple, Microsoft and Android ecosystems—1P works across the board. Nothing but respect for what they’ve managed to pull off.

twitter / 11.01.2019

Hey @zoink, just wanted to say thanks for fixing this. I know it's trivial in the grand scheme of things but I really appreciate that your taking feedback to heart.

twitter / 10.24.2019

^ this is a key point people miss. It's not a singular desire by the designer but instead a mandate from stakeholders and in recent years an expectation from customers.